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this is they don't we here's why from turkish election officials order a rerun of istanbul's merrill raced the opposition party say they will fight on describing the decision as an outrageous attempt to quash dissent president erdogan says he is strengthening democracy also on the program made my offerings to international journalists jailed for their reporting while alone and quote sold nights with their families after spending more than five hundred days in prison. and this was germany in twenty fifteen at the height of europe's refugee crisis
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four years on how all those migrants ferric the germans still as welcoming the new survey says. i'm feel gail welcome to the program took his opposition to contest afresh and action in istanbul after officials ordered the polls to be you've run for president rather talk about his party narrowly lost the original vote in the country's economic cutback in march but he claimed the humiliating defeat was a vote of was the result of vote rigging the new election has been shuttled. ystem bill will face special elections in just over six weeks' time a matter of months after the first vote in which president party suffered a humiliating defeat the decision to rerun the call has delivered yet another blow
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to the turkish currency the euro with economists warning of months of extra uncertainty ahead however to rapturous applause from lawmakers in parliament the president defended the new. i hope the decision will be good for istanbul as well as our country. so if you notice numbers it became clear that certain people with dirty hands had become involved starting before the elections and they brought the situation to this point step by step. we sincerely believe that there were organized corruption for illegality and irregularity in the. uk. as an impromptu rally on the outskirts of istanbul on monday the winner of the election invited to fight on. cult almost fellow citizens they're trying to take away the elections we won on the evening of march the thirty first they
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have tried to steal our hard work. show murder trial there's still a lot to learn is that we will return back our rights with a smile on our face as well as hope love and respect. the need to rerun the vote was met with anger from his supporters. this is a preplanned game and the election authority is a part of it what else can i say and this decision doesn't represent voters it clearly has been made ignoring the people's will. can they didn't know this came from somebody who doesn't want to lose his power so it's no surprise the vote should not have been cancelled your statement of. turkeys mean opposition party says the election rerun is a sign of quote plein dictatorship the city meanwhile is preparing to go to the polls again on june twenty third. more on this from a who's had of d.w.
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welcome to the studio the opposition talks of playing dictatorship how would you describe the situation. to be honest it is a kind of the key to ship because the electoral board made this decision by the big pleasure of president add one expert says because in the past actually the electoral board has was always independent in their decision making but this time the president should be the president should be that much so and said i want to end us. and the electoral board says yes of course and now this decision happened right now so what reasons did they give for election. the pin complained that at the polling stations. the volunteers should be all
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members of the civil servants but in the past the electoral votes said yes of course there was right not every volunteer at the polling station was responsible of the polling station was a civil service member and that was the reason why but the funny thing is in the previous elections not every volunteer was a civil service member but in the past nobody complained but this time the electoral board set ok we accept this complainant except the reason of the or the complication of the a.k.p. and this is something that everybody well actually laugh a little bit clearly the opposition parties are not taking risks lying down talking through the response. sorry didn't get the question i took a sort of response from the opposition party is. the response of the opposition party is very clear the opposition party says that this is
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a kind of trap meant actually because they won the elections in istanbul even with seventy thousand votes and to be honest i did see h.p. leading actually mom who was actually got the. leader of. the should be actually the leader but unfortunately they can't do anything because this is ition was final and now they have to go to the elections. can i come from did have you to thank you. now they were facing seven years in prison but suddenly they're free to reuters journalists jail for their reporting of me and most ranger crisis have been released as part of a presidential amnesty well known. were arrested in december twenty seventh in their case prompted a global outcry from human rights campaigners. free after more than five
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hundred days in detention following the arrest swallowing and just became international figureheads in the struggle for press freedom they were convicted of breaking the official secrets act for their coverage of the massacre of ten during your muslims in myanmar speaking shortly after their release one told reporters he was keen to get back to work inside the prison in an on going around the goal which is to resist a. legacy thank you very much you can really have yet to determine my calling than i can wait a minute right now live right now reuters said the two men were jailed in retaliation for their reporting and had not committed any crime. we are enormously pleased that me and maher has released our courageous reporters while loan and toss so since their arrest five hundred eleven days ago they have become symbols of the importance of press freedom around the world we welcome their return. their case through international criticism and put the spotlight on myanmar state council and
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de facto leader. who was already under pressure for the oppression of the revenue minority u.n. investigators said it amounted to genocide. the release of the two men comes at a time of year when it is traditional for the president to grant amnesty to prisoners to dating a back with their families but the future of press freedom in myanmar is unclear. phil robertson is deputy asia director for human rights watch and joins us from the malaysian capital quantum welcome to you why do you think least a man have been what you think these men have been released to worse international pressure this is all about the international community campaigning for these two men reuters did an incredible job of pressing for their release taking this issue and putting it before policymakers at the global level and making this a test case for press freedom in myanmar so. if this is
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a test case for press freedom in the country does that mean that the situation for journalists in me and is now back. sadly no the reality is that there are many other journalists who are still in facing persecution some are in prison and many of them are much less well known than these two individuals we have a lot of work in front of us the situation for press freedom in myanmar has definitely be climbed over the past year we're seeing more and more people prosecuted both the military and the civilian government santucci are involved in this and you know this is the lead up to a twenty twenty alexion the national election where you know the level of rhetoric and the vitriol will get much more intense so we're expecting that unless something is done to really protect press freedom in myanmar we're going to see many more
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people being forced to prison for what they've written so why is the situation that is so bad we expected things to get better with suchi in charge what we just naive. i think that part of it i think that unfortunately the national league for democracy despite the fact that it's composed of many former political prisoners have gotten a taste for being able to censor their critics are willing to use these draconian laws that were used in the past against them against their critics you know it's astonishing to us but we're continuing to me and that the national league for democracy stand up respect rights promote democracy and take these repressive laws off the book with their supermajority in the parliament so the repressive laws stay for the moment that does this mean that journalists will continue to to have to
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censor themselves or face of being censored or jailed unless there is an international cofa about them being jailed. that's correct i mean the situation is that there is quite a bit of self-censorship if you talk to journalists in myanmar they will say that they think twice about writing critical stories about the military which has become very very active in suing journalists but the also the bigger issue is that we are facing you know a number of creators journalists like these two people who are prepared to go ahead and they're willing to fight and they deserve our support so we need diplomats we need the german government we need the united nations we need others prepared to fight for press freedom in myanmar good talking to thank you for joining us robertson from a human rights watch in kuala. as you some of the other stories making news around the world pro-government forces in libya are reported to
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have clashed with forces supporting rebel general khalifa haftar on the southern edges of the capital tripoli these pictures were posted on the facebook page of have to libyan national army has been trying to take the city since the beginning of april. dozens of people staged demonstration outside india supreme court after a panel of judges dismissed the sexual harassment complaint against the chief justice protestors were demanding a fresh investigation into run john go guard after a former court's assistant accused him of making unwanted sexual advances chief justice a go go it did nice the charges. prosecutors avoided german carmaker porsche to pay a five hundred thirty five million euro fine for exceeding pollution there it's on his luxury high performance vehicles force is the parent company folds fogged in and v.w. says unfit w. subsidiary audi had to pay similar fines for their roles in v.w. emissions she said scandal. the british government has admitted that it is legally
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bound to hold elections for the european parliament in just over two weeks the finance minister said the obligation was challenging given that the country is due to leave the bloc now the prime minister can do is continuing to hold across party talks with london now says time is too short to secure a deal before the euro elections. a new survey here in germany has found that people are increasingly hostile towards asylum seekers more than fifty four percent of participants expressed negative opinions germany is attempting to integrate hundreds of thousands of recent arrivals the w.'s being to meet of pastore in the eastern city of leipzig who's helping the newcomers and trying to counter the anti foreigner sentiment in his own community. pastor andreas dorn at work in his life parish. oh that's right. twenty fifteen thousands of refugees arrived in my peak and ever since pastor dorn
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has been offering them support he helps them find apartments goes with them to official appointments and teaches them german but some criticize his engagement. they say things like you know taking care of the wrong people we should be first why are you helping refugees you should be helping needy germans fast forbore to our. door and says all of his parishioners stand behind him the congregation has a get together cafe for refugees and germans that has been popular for years how much migration can germany handle. asylum seekers are now seen in a more negative light than they previously were still most of the refugees here at zouk cafe say they feel at ease in leipsic but they all have stories about times when they were overtly rejected. for the present work man you meet a lot of people in construction sites i walked by
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a plumber every day and he always gave me a funny look. i made a point of saying hello to his colleagues he looked at me and said well you refugees want here. it saddens me because the german constitution is first article states that human dignity should be inviolable . but i often hear people say always those refugees as refugees. if refugees just got a bit of breathing space they could show how creative they are. both of these syrians say what is lacking is real human contact they think germans showed more interest just a couple of years ago but when there is no actual contact prejudice rears its ugly head past your door knows that even within his own liberal parish there are people
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who have a very critical view of the refugees in their city but no one wants to talk to us about this perhaps because the pastor has said he will not tolerate right wing slogans in his church. this is not a point i'm prepared to compromise on but as a preacher i'm quite prepared to argue not with endless public debates if need be. andreas joran says that if you want to stop right wing attitudes you need citizens to be active and vocal he's done just that in his parish. news still to come judgments. try to program ethics into artificial intelligence systems which are the robots listening. first to jordan on the fight for greater gender equality one of the battles over the issue of citizenship rights women in jordan are not currently allowed to pass citizenship on to their children means babies born to jordanian mothers and not jordanian fathers
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a classified as foreigners but in major restrictions on their lives there are an estimated three hundred fifty thousand such families pushing for full citizenship not everyone welcomes the coals as you hear in this report from. when see him made an egyptian man almost four decades ago she never expected her choice of life partner would cause her seven children so much suffering down the line. they grew up they had problems with work. unless they got a work permit they could get a job. if they worked on officially they would have problems getting paid fairly. if they went and complained to officials they had no personal id to file a complaint when. according to jordanian law only men can pass on citizenship to their children this means that something daughters born to jordanian mothers and not jordanian fathers i considered foreigners in the eyes of the state. see him
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says her children feel jordan is their only home yet in addition to work issues their status also limits their ability to own property their access to public education health care and their ability to acquire a driver's license. this is because as non-citizens they do not possess a national id number. for see him the problems went further than restrictions to everyday life her son status almost got him kicked out of the country he calls home . he got into a fight as a result there was a legal problem and within ten days he got a deportation order that if he was jordanian he would not have been treated like this he was detained for two years pending deportation. and twenty fourteen authorities started issuing the children of jordanian mothers special id cards that were supposed to ease restrictions on their daily lives see him son tells me the card is ineffective in practice and is often not recognized by institutions like
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banks. local and international human rights organizations including human rights watch have repeatedly recommended the jordan overhaul its citizenship law completely any change in jordan citizenship law would require the approval of the country's legislative body measurements in the web but some parliamentarians here are still stunningly opposed to the move this parliamentarian says amending the law would open the door for palestinian refugees to become jordanian as. jordanian women are married to palestinian refugees he says this would hurt the palestinian cause jordan is host to two million palestinian refugees. either on a beginner i'll be having agency and if we give citizenship to this group all at once there will be a huge change in the demographics of jordan and will there like tell this group to be happy with the current measures in place and the rights they've been granted thus far. to meant for salmon her children however this is easing of the
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restrictions is not enough thousands and i want them to have their citizenship this is the least of their rights if a man can pass on citizenship to his spouse and children i should be able to do the same. but it seems that for now a change in the law is nowhere in sight. south africans go to the polls tomorrow for the most closely contested election since the end of apartheid the african national congress has roles in nine hundred ninety four mrs nelson mandela led to victory in the country's first free elections or the party could no longer take a victory for granted don't lose christine wonder what has been talking to a voter who's taking stock after twenty five years of an see row. now cement in a bridge in johannesburg. agency election ban is crowd the overpass symbolic of the party's dominant support base in this region. wizzy causa is an a.n.c. supporter were outside the clinic in so we're told me she voted in the one thousand
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nine hundred four election she still has vivid memories of. the excitement was such that you didn't care whether it is long but you just wanted to be seen to be there there were cameras around as we all know or wanted to be seen in the cameras so i tried to make a mark to say that we are doing it in the five years that will follow it would be the a.n.c. led by nelson mandela ruling a democratic south africa. outside his home in so which will now a tourist attraction. cause a recalls how the lives of black south africans changing. their mind then let you are trying to approach a whole lot of excitement for me as an individual it probably assisted me in changing professions i had been and mess and elected to in this and for quite a long time and opportunities that are out there gave me a moment to unfairly move from the public sector to join the corporate in leicester
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. the successes would continue after mandela the first election post his presidency the a.n.c. had a strong showing at the polls yes a strong black middle class was emerging that means many black south africans like causa were able to move from townships next whistle to suburbs in two thousand and four which was during and tell me. the economy was there now we have restated growth people who are only says in companies through their employment by the two thousand and nine election with jacob zuma at the how cracks had emerged. they've been a breakaway from the agency corruption was rife and the whole the liberation movement once inspired was fading for the first time the party lost support at the polls those losses would extend in the twenty fourteen election but cause continued to vote for the a.n.c. i didn't support him i was definitely behind him but nobody at treasury
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could predict that things would go this way. and president putin is a member it's difficult to fall back long does jump in to in our organization we remain loyal to but we are going to point out the wrong. we're not going to set up with the a.n.c. having lost support in the last two consecutive elections watches will be looking to this poll to see if the party will continue with its declines or if its promise of a restored image will be enough to pull back a vote is a bad thing. christine reporter when we use the internet or social media aspects of our identity are often stored online artificial intelligence can explore that dacer in various ways some of which are morally questionable some
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scientists university here in germany are trying to teach machines a moral code should people. you know this is a bad thing to do should i could type. yes why not the moral choice machine analyzes masses of texts written by humans and determines which combinations of words appear together most often its answers based on that analysis. make a distinction kill time or kill people that means that the machine has acquired a kind of context within a sentence it's a small step but it shows that it could possibly be taken further maybe we can go further like this. but the question is how far is it possible to go so far that machines have a human moral compass and can make decisions independently based on that this. is a sociologist at the go to university in frankfurt he doubts that machines will ever be able to be fair. on this one from the force of will we have to abandon the
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notion that artificial intelligence or algorithms create inequality and justice aside it's always the people behind it who allow it to be that way. but applied correctly these technologies can offer opportunities for the future and could even help to fight prejudices for instance by ensuring that when women and men use social networking they aren't shown different job listings based on gender or by making sure that the job application process is not a must as possible things like that could be applied sensibly with the moral choice machine in darmstadt also shows that if people want it to the machine can be used for good and it shows that it's going to take some time before artificial intelligence functions perfectly. into the toaster. this is debatable maybe you want to ask also someone else. am i going to ask about toast see if you get a positive answer. should i put toast into the toast. now this is not good
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. and i'll have to make some improvements there is a daughter. i don't really see a competition but rather a partnership with which we can tackle a lot of the major social issues. correctly programmed artificial intelligence can incorporate human values and that's important so that in the future only fred winds up in the toaster not the hamster. go for tiger woods has received his country's highest civilian all of the presidential medal of freedom from u.s. president donald trump came back from years of personal and physical setbacks to win his fifth masters last month of golf's most important tournament it ended the white house ceremony with his mother and children and we thank for standing by him during his most difficult times joins a golfing legend jack nicklaus and arnold palmer and received the award.
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coming up next here they don't do but just leave the highlights on now kick off and i'll be back at the top of the doubt i'm going. to.
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kick off. their goals go right but everything is still a program. even after the third to last match of the industry dismissing. the german jams. the ball five for europe.
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and get relegated. some time in the twenty sixth. my great granddaughter. of the world be like in your lifetime and around half a century. when i was born there were. you will share the planet with nine billion. you world be around two degrees more. evidently sea level rise by at least one year in this century. we're going to have some climate impacts
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return greater than what we see already. it's really frightening. why are people more concerned. little yellow. shorts through first d.w. . there's no need to panic on match day thirty eight we've got the rundown and our calculators out because at the end of the most exciting title race and nine.


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